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College Admissions Counseling


Getting admission to nation's top universities requires long term planning and effort from the students as well as the parents. Admissions criteria include not only objective metrics such as GPA, ACT/SAT, and AP/SAT Subject test scores, but also subjective criteria such as what type of courses the student took, extra-curricular activities, community service, and other achievements.

Often students/parents start thinking about college admissions only when the student reaches high school junior or senior year! Unfortunately, that doesn't offer much opportunity to align the application package to suit the demands and requirements of the student's dream universities. Students have a much better chance of being successful in college admissions if they start planning early and align their work to what their target universities are looking for.

To help with this process, Aim Academics Tutoring/Test Prep has put together an ongoing counseling program for middle and high school students. This program is based on guiding and analyzing students who successfully got admitted to nations top universities including Stanford, MIT, UPenn (Wharton), Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell, UC Berkley, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Case Western University, and Wayne State Med-start programs.

Details of the Program

  • This program is for students in middle and high school grades
  • Parents sign up for the counseling program in 4 session packages (each session is 1 1/2 hours long) -- we recommend 4 to 8 counseling sessions per year
  • Parents should plan to attend counseling sessions along with their student
  • Parents and the student should bring their laptop computers to the counseling sessions 
  • The initial sessions are aimed at discovering the strengths and interests of the student; and identifying the target universities
  • Then the counseling sessions progressively develop into personalized and actionable plans for the student
  • The counselor will review student's progress and suggest adjustments and additions to the plan
  • As the student progresses to high school junior year, these counseling sessions morph into college application preparation including writing personal statements and essays, getting recommendation letters, and preparing for any admissions interviews
  • Students receive an online account to a proprietary visual note taking software to manage their entire college admissions process

Benefits of the Program

  • Students/parents get the insights and advice based on proven strategies used by successful students
  • Aligning goals with an actionable plan early means students work on what matters most
  • Objective feedback and recommendations will help students stay on track
  • Identifying strengths and gaps early helps students prepare better
  • Students receive an online account to a proprietary visual note taking software to manage their entire college admissions process


Aim Academics College Admissions Counseling program is not endorsed by any university or high school. Even though the program is based on the strategies used by successful students, Aim Academics does not guarantee success for any student who takes the program. Students & parents should use their own judgement in following any advice and suggestions given by Aim Academics or its tutors.

Duration: 4 Sessions (each 1 1/2 hrs long)

Course Fee: $360

Registration Fee: $39.95 (only for new students)
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Aim Academics Tutoring CentersAny time per student and instructor schedulesCounseling at Aim Academics Centers for students in Detroit Metro (SE Michigan) Area:
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